PROFETAS Protein Foods, Environment, Technology and Society
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Welcome to the PROFETAS website!

PROFETAS is the acronym of PROtein Foods, Environment, Technology and Society. 
It is a multidisciplinary Dutch research programme studying the options for more sustainable food production and consumption.

This website provides information on:

  • Food consumption, in general, and protein consumption, in particular
  • The difference between production of animal proteins vs. plant proteins, "pigs vs. peas"
  • The inextricable links between sustainable consumption of food, energy and water
  • Multidisciplinary research, combining a diversity of fields such as:
    crop production, consumer preferences, economics, environmental assessment, food technology, political science and chain management
  • Societal transitions

For overall conclusions on PROFETAS, please see: Societal transitions and our book.


Our 2021 Publications have been updated - please see: Publications.

On 17 October 2019 our PROFETAS work received an Award - please see: Award.

For a debate on: Rising food commodity prices: Are biofuels the main culprit?
We do NOT think so, but 1st generation biofuels should be replaced ASAP, nevertheless,
please see:
Current issues.

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